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State Bank of India - Colombo

Corporate Banking

----Our expert team can help you to structure the credit requirements, the way you need it..

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Personal Banking

A Current Account would entitle you to make unlimited number of payments. Through a pre-arranged

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International Banking

International banking services of State Bank of India are delivered for the benefit of its Customers, Non-Resident Indians,

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NRI Banking

An Indian citizen or a foreign citizen of Indian origin who stays abroad for employment/carrying on business or vocation or under circumstances indicating

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Bank Holidays for 2018

 January 01 Monday  Poya Day
  14 Sunday  Tamil Thai Pongal Day
  15 Monday  Special Bank Holiday
  31 Wednesday  Poya Day
 February 04 Sunday  National Day
  05 Monday  Special Bank Holiday
  13 Tuesday  Maha Sivarathri Day
 March 01 Thursday  Poya Day
  30 Friday  Good Friday
  31 Saturday  Poya Day
 April 13 Friday  Day Prior to Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day
  14 Saturday  Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day
  20 Friday  Special Bank Half Holiday
  29 Sunday  Vesak Poya Day
  30 Monday  Day following Vesak Poya Day
 May 01 Tuesday  May Day
  29 Tuesday  Poya Day
 June 15 Friday  Ramazan Festival Day
  27 Wednesday  Poson Poya Day
 July 27 Friday  Poya Day
 August 22 Wednesday  Hadji Festival Day
  25 Saturday  Poya Day
 September 24 Monday  Poya Day
 October 24 Wednesday  Poya Day
 November 06 Tuesday  Deepavali Festival Day
  20 Tuesday  Milad - Un - Nabi Birthday
  22 Thursday  Poya Day
 December 22 Saturday  Poya Day
  25 Tuesday  Christmas Day
































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