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State Bank of India - Colombo

Corporate Banking

Our expert team can help you to structure the credit requirements, the way you need it..

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Personal Banking

A Current Account would entitle you to make unlimited number of payments. Through a pre-arranged

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International Banking

International banking services of State Bank of India are delivered for the benefit of its Customers, Non-Resident Indians,

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NRI Banking

An Indian citizen or a foreign citizen of Indian origin who stays abroad for employment/carrying on business or vocation or under circumstances indicating

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                                                                Description at 30-06-2014
                                                                               Service Charges
  Savings Accounts  
 Charges for non-maintenance of account  balance   as stipulated minimum (per month)  LKR 50
 Current Accounts  
 Current account monthly service charge  LKR 100
 Charges for account statements  Free of Charge
 Cheque issuing cost (per leaf)  LKR 10
 Stop payment order  LKR 750
 Return cheques due to insufficient funds  LKR 1,000
 Inward credit to Sri Lankan rupee account  LKR 350 - 2,000.00
 Inward remittances to foreign currency account  LKR 350 - 2,000.00
 Issue of foreign currency demand draft  USD 3 - USD 10
 Issuing Fee  Free of Charge
 Withdrawal - Own Bank  Free of Charge
 Withdrawal - Other Bank  LKR 40, LKR 150
                                                                         Fees & Commissions
 SLIPS Payment Charges  LKR 50
 RTGS Payment Charges  LKR 1,000
 Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS)  
 Fund Transfers through Internet Banking  LKR 50
 Fund Transfers through Mobile Banking  LKR 50
 Fund Transfers through "Over the Counter"  LKR 100

 Fund Transfers through SBI ATMs

 LKR 50

 Fund Transfers through ATMs of Other CEFTS Members

 LKR 100
 Facility Arrangement Fees  
        *Security Backed  LKR 0.1% - 0.25% of the loan amount
        *Clean Basis  LKR 0.1% - 0.25% of the loan amount
 Early Settelement Fees  
        *Residential Housing  N/A
        *Vehicle Loans  N/A
 Cheque Purchase Commission  N/A
 LC Commission  
 LC Opening Fee & commission  Min LKR 2,500 
 LC Negotiation Charges  Min LKR 2,500
 Shipping Guarantees  Min LKR 2,500
  Bank Guarantees                              LKR 3,000 
 Acceptance  LKR 1,000
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